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Katie is a registered dietitian/nutritionist, fitness professional, coach, fitness enthusiasts, and athlete. Katie received her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado in 2006 and her Masters degree in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University in 2011. 


Katie has a diverse experience as an endurance athlete, coach, and registered dietitian.


Katie has worked with a wide variety of athletes as well as active individuals wanting to improve their health and prevent or manage disease. Katie's passion is working with runners and endurance athletes. She has experience working with endurance athletes of all types including triathletes, runners (including everything from 800 meters to ultra endurance), swimming,  and obstacle course racing (such as Spartan). Katie also has experience with athletes in the sports of powerlifting and CrossFit. 

Katie practices what she preaches. She has been an athlete from the age of 12 and has continued to pursue new challenges including her first ultra marathon (50 miles) and an obstacle course race in 2017. She has run 8 marathons including the Boston Marathon in 2017. Katie recently had a baby and is currently working towards racing shorter races in 2021. 

Katie’s philosophy is that everyone has their own personal journey and there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition and coaching. She believes that anyone can benefit from nutrition education and nutrition coaching. Katie understands that nutrition needs may differ depending on the time of year, activity, goals, and other personal factors.

Katie’s experience as a registered dietitian include:

  • Clinical Dietitian and Medical Nutrition Therapy at Rose Medical Center from 2012-2014

  • Nutrition coaching/sports nutrition/personal training/triathlon coaching at Lakeshore Athletic Club from 2012-2014

  • Sports Dietitian at the University of Colorado Athletics from 2012-2013

  • Sports Dietitian at Colorado State University Athletics from 2014-2015

  • Clinical Dietitian/Outpatient Dietitian at the University of Colorado Health working with bariatric patients, diabetes education, eating disorders, weight loss, and digestive health (including irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease): 2014-current

Katie's athletic achievements include:

  • Marathon PR of 2:59 in the Vermont City Marathon in 2010

  • Competing in the collegiate national championships for triathlon in 2010 and 2011

  • Finished first female in the Steamboat Marathon in June of 2016 with a time of 3:10

  • Competed in her first half ironman distance triathlon (70.3) in September 2016 and finished 3rd for her age group

  • Finished the Boston Marathon in April 2017 with a time of 3:03 

  • Finished 4th female in the Steamboat Stinger trail marathon in July of 2017 

  • Competed in the Competitive Division during the Spartan Beast (her first Spartan race) in Breckinridge, Colorado on August 26th and was 5th overall female and 2nd in my age group

  • Competed in the Fort Collins Fortitude 10 k race on September 4th and coming in 1st in my age group and 15th female overall out of 3,765 female finishers

  • First female and 10th overall in the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile trail race in Steamboat, Colorado on September 9th, 2017 ​

Katie's coaching experience:

  • Coaching youth triathlon in the years 2012-2014 for Lakeshore Athletic Club in Broomfield ​and Kids that Tri

  • Coaching adults and providing training programs for 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon 2015-2020

  • Middle school cross country coach for Liberty Common Middle School years 2018, 2019, 2020. 

Check out Katie’s Blog for more information on running, nutrition, sports nutrition, supplements, and ideas for healthy eating.  Check out the press page to see her contribution to nutrition related articles including for Men's Health online and Shape magazine. 

Katie Running Photo

What Katie's clients are saying about her

"Katie systematically guided me through a process to identify food sensitivities in my diet, identify missing vitamins and minerals  and determine proper supplementation, and also helped with meal planning including pre and post workout meals.  I’ve attended her lectures on ‘Performance Nutrition’, ‘Avoiding Dining Out Disasters’, and ‘Fighting Cancer with Your Fork’.  She is passionate about her work and very conscientious in every aspect of it from working 1-1 with clients to teaching in a group setting.  Thanks Katie for the ‘tune-up’.  I’m running better than I have in years!"

Debbie, Broomfield 

"Katie is a great resource for my son who swims at least 6 times per week.  He needed to hear how important nutrition was from someone other than his parents and Katie was the right one.  Being an athlete herself, she immediately had credibility with Ben and he took her advice and implemented a lot of it.  Her suggestions are helping Ben keep up his energy and he is staying healthy during his intense training. It also helped me make sure I was putting the right food at the right time in front of him. I highly recommend even just one session with Katie, but we will be touching base with her on a regular basis." 

Sarah, Loveland

"I can't thank Katie enough for getting me started on the path of proper nutrition. Without Katie, I would still be overweight, confused, and unhappy with who I am. I regularly reference the information she provided me." 

Bailey (professional triathlete), Las vegas

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