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  • Nutrition counseling

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Personalized nutrition plans

  • Blood work analysis

  • Comprehensive nutrition and run coaching

How can Katie help you?

Katie has experience with helping individuals who are just starting their personal health and fitness journey, casual exercisers, and competitive athletes resolve their questions and concerns about food, weight, and eating for energy. She counsels clients of all abilities and ages (from middle school through college and beyond).

Nutrition Coaching

Katie’s Nutrition Coaching is helpful for active people who--

  • Realize that nutrition is the missing link in their training program

  • Want to improve performance for their sport

  • Feel chronically fatigued and routinely lack energy to exercise at their best.

  • Struggle with weight issues (including mid-life fat gain) and dislike their body image.

  • An athlete or active individual with a medical condition(s) including high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure - or relatives with these conditions.

  • Want to invest in their health and future well being - as well as that of their family.


While you may know what to eat, Katie can help you figure out how to eat the best foods at the right times. You'll learn the skills you need to:

  • Create simple or structured meal plans that maintain high energy throughout the day.

  • Create healthy meals  with recipe cooking ideas to make meal preparation fun and enjoyable. 

  • Successfully lose undesired body fat and achieve a realistic weight for your genetics.

  • Make optimal food choices that enhance the healing of injuries and invest in future health and injury prevention..

  • Prevent sugar crashes (hypoglycemia) and enjoy consistent energy when exercising.

  • Find answers to your questions about a number of nutrition related topics including- what to each for exercise, fat, cholesterol, fiber, fast foods, sodium, vitamins, supplements, anorexia, bulimia, weight plateaus, menopause, low blood sugar, sports nutrition, carbohydrate-loading, fluids, pre-competition meals, triathlon or marathon food -- whatever nutrition concerns you have.

Katie is taking a limited amount of new clients so please contact for more information.

Katie is available for virtual visits only

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