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Free Nutrition Handouts and Information

Eat more veggies- ways to incorporate more veggies in your diet
Fuel your workout- information on fueling for workouts
Macronutrients Fuel the Body- basic information about macronutrients
Carbohydrate handout- basic information about carbohydrates
Carbohydrate List- a list of foods containing carbohydrate
Fats handout- basic information about fat in the diet
Protein handout- basic information about protein
7-day meal plan- basic meal plan
Sample Athlete Meal Plan- includes macronutrients
Snack handout- snack ideas for athletes
Plate method easy training
Plate method hard training

Free Infographics

Eat a Rainbow
Women Athletes
Immune Boosting Foods
Alcohol Risk
Nutrition Habits of Champion
Vitamin D Facts
Healthy Holidays
Chocolate Benefits
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